Neck Pain in Students

Neck Pain in Students

Research has shown that nearly half of all undergraduate students will experience neck pain at some time during the study year.

At Carina Central Physiotherapy we treat many different types of neck pain. Some can be associated with nerve or joint irritation in the neck, some can develop after a specific injury such as whiplash. Some patients also present with headaches triggered by neck pain. One of the more common presentations seen is neck pain provoked by prolonged periods of desk work such during big projects or exam season for students.

Research has shown risk factors for developing, or persistence of neck pain in students includes computer and desk set up and weakness in postural muscles of the neck. Some research has also shown mood / stress levels to be risk factors for neck pain, and we have certainly all heard someone describe “carrying tension” in their neck. Your physiotherapist will also screen you for other conditions which could be contributing to pain including specific joint problems, asking about symptoms of inflammatory disorders, previous injuries and nerve symptoms.

What can physiotherapy offer? Treatment is always very individualised, but can include hands on treatment, postural advice, correction of desk set ups, taping, strengthening and stretches.

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