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Ankle Injuries – Simple sprain or more serious?

One of the most common ankle injuries seen by Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists is a ligament sprain. The most common ligament sprain is the lateral ligament. Lateral ankle sprains account for 85% of all ankle sprains.

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Swimmers Shoulder

Swimmers Shoulder

At this time of the year we find ourselves making the most of the weather with ocean swimming events, triathlons and just cooling off with pool based exercise. Over summer, Physiotherapists and coaches see increasing numbers of those limited in their performance or in some cases completely unable to continue their swim training due to shoulder pain.

The shoulder is a complex joint, gaining its stability not only through the joint surfaces and corresponding ligaments but through the integrity and functioning of the rotator cuff musculature surrounding the joint which acts to maintain the stability of the joint. The other structures, commonly overlooked, is the scapula (shoulder blade) which forms the socket of the joint and is the attachment to various muscles that allow stability and power during swimming.
Even small amounts of swimming require a maximum range of movement from both the shoulder and shoulder blade and considerable strength and endurance from the muscles. Read More...