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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Your physiotherapist will welcome you to the clinic, listen to you, take notes and ask questions about your condition and general health. Any investigations (x-rays and scans) that you have brought with you will be viewed.

You will be guided through a physical examination to determine what the problem is. This may involve a posture assessment, measurement of joint movement, joint palpation, muscle palpation, tests of muscle length/strength, ligament stability tests and nerve function tests. You may have to partially disrobe; singlets or shorts are good clothes to wear. We have gowns and spare shorts if needed.

We will discuss your diagnosis, answer your questions and together with you make a treatment plan.

Hands on treatment is usually commenced in the first visit to reduce pain and improve movement and function. If your condition is complex, you may wish to book an hour for the first visit to enable more treatment time.

During your rehabilitation you will learn about your condition and learn exercises and strategies to facilitate recovery and to help manage your condition in the long term as well as prevent future episodes of your problem.
Initial consultation - $110 (Discount $100)
Subsequent consultation - $110 (Discount $100)
Extended consultation - $210 (Discount $190)
For most conditions, half an hour is adequate for a full assessment and treatment. If your condition is complex or if you have more than one area needing treatment, you may like to consider an hour appointment.
You can attend physiotherapy without a referral.
If you have been injured at work or claiming third party insurance, we suggest that you visit your doctor before commencing physiotherapy to attend to the necessary paperwork involved in claims.
We accept DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs) patients with a doctor's referral.
Yes. Bring along any relevant investigations with you to your first visit.
It depends on your condition. Most musculoskeletal conditions respond well to a variety of gentle hands on techniques for the muscles and joints such as mobilisation, massage, stretching, manipulation and manual traction.

Our physiotherapists are skilled at choosing the technique to best suit your condition. You will be advised on appropriate exercises, posture re-education and ergonomic modifications needed to facilitate recovery and give you long term relief from your symptoms.

We have a real-time ultrasound machine for re-education of the deep stability muscles of the abdomen and back.
Our musculoskeletal physiotherapists have years of experience, a broad knowledge base, advanced training in clinical reasoning and a large array of skilled treatment techniques – this helps you get the best outcome for your problem. Like medicine, physiotherapy graduates finish university with a general knowledge in all fields of physiotherapy. However, it takes years of working in a particular field of physiotherapy to gain experience and to be accepted into a masters program.

All of the physiotherapists at Carina Central Physiotherapy have completed a masters degree in musculoskeletal physiotherapy in addition to their undergraduate physiotherapy degree.
For some conditions massage is used as part of our treatment, however we also use other techniques such as joint mobilisation, manipulation, traction and education. In our experience, a combination of treatment techniques gives a better result than massage alone.
Yes. We will help you understand how to manage your condition for the best long term outcome. We will teach you optimal postures and ergonomic set ups and give you a program of exercises to help you recover quickly, maintain your health and to prevent having the problem return.
All of our treatments are in private, quiet and comfortable treatment rooms. Our treatment rooms are large, purpose-build rooms with floor to ceiling walls.
No. You will enjoy individual attention from your experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist during your appointment at Carina Central Physiotherapy.
Our physiotherapists are registered with Medicare. If you have a chronic medical condition with complex needs and if your doctor has coordinated a Team Care Arrangement as part of the GP Management Plan, then Medicare will fund $52.95 towards your physiotherapy visits. We can have this paid directly to your bank account via our HICAPS machine. Your doctor will specify the number of physiotherapy visits (up to 5 in a calendar year) to be covered by the plan.
Yes. You will need a doctor’s referral to physiotherapy if you claiming Workcover. We accept Workcover patients, however we still require payment in full up front ($106 for half an hour or $202 for a full hour). If your claim is approved by Workcover, you can submit your receipt to them for partial reimbursement; the Workcover reimbursement rate is $82 for your first visit and $73 for subsequent visits.
Yes, we can certainly help your recovery from whiplash-related pain. If you have an insurance claim associated with the accident, you will need a doctor’s referral. Whilst you have to pay us at the time of service. we will liaise with your insurer when necessary to facilitate reimbursement of your treatment expenses as soon as possible.
Yes. We have a TYRO machine which accepts most health fund cards. This is a machine which links to your health fund so that your health fund automatically pay your health rebate to us; you only have to pay us the gap. You may wish to check with your health fund to find out how much they will pay towards your visit.
Yes, we accept DVA patients with a doctor’s referral.
No. The Australian Physiotherapy Association does not endorse the preferred provider scheme, therefore we do not participate in it.
311 Stanley Road Carina QLD 4152 (Corner of Stanley Rd and Dickenson St)
Yes. An off-street car park is accessible from Stanley Road. There is also ample street parking nearby in Dickenson Street.