CrossFit Physiotherapy Brisbane

Physiotherapists at Carina Central Physiotherapy have provided treatment to CrossFit athletes since its inception in Brisbane.

We understand the philosophy, terminology and lifestyle requirements of CrossFit and empathise with the frustration experienced when injuries hold you back from giving your all. We have experience treating CrossFit athletes both in our clinic and at competitive events. We treat novice CrossFitters through to elite athletes.

What does physiotherapy for CrossFitters involve?

Depending on your complaint your physiotherapy session may involve the following:

  1. Biomechanical assessment of your movement patterns looking for weakness, asymmetry and mobility loss.

  2. Hands on manual therapy for immediate symptom relief and restoration of mobility. Dynamic tape may be used to help get you moving again.

  3. Diagnosis and management guidelines for acute and chronic injury. This may involve sending you for further tests such as x-rays/ultrasound scans or a referral to a medical practitioner when necessary.

  4. A personalised rehabilitation program designed and progressed in communication with yourself and your referring trainer.

  5. Education on how your body works: what you did to cause your injury/pain and how to prevent further episodes. You will be taught how to monitor your body with specific testing and how to use stretch, release/rolling regimes to prevent injury and how to detect muscle imbalances before they lead to injury.

CROSSFIT Brisbane Physiotherapy

It is our goal to keep you training – with modifications if required, or returned to training in the shortest time possible.

Communication with your Trainers

We have developed close working relationships with CrossFit trainers (particularly at CrossFit Brisbane) that are built on mutual respect, cooperation and good communication to ensure we get an optimal outcome for every CrossFit athlete.

Although no referral is needed to attend our Physiotherapy clinic we encourage you to get your trainer to write a referral to us to ensure you get a coordinated approach to your rehabilitation. We will then directly liaise with your trainer and work together to help you.

CROSSFIT Brisbane Physiotherapy

Please direct any questions regarding physiotherapy for CrossFit to our clinic via email with “CrossFit Enquiry” in the subject field to

If you would like to refer a CrossFit patient, please use this CrossFit referral form here.

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