Respiratory Physiotherapy

Respiratory physiotherapy, also known as ‘Chest Physio’, is an area of physiotherapy that focuses on your lungs, and how you breathe. The goals are to help you breathe easier, assist with clearing phlegm from your lungs, and to manage your breathing so you can do the activities you want to do.

Jen Phillips - Brisbane Respiratory Physiotherapist

Jen Phillips

B Phty Physio (Hons)

Jen Phillips is a physiotherapist who has a special interest in respiratory physiotherapy management. She has over 10 years experience working in both acute inpatient and outpatient settings with clients with a range of respiratory conditions to improve airway clearance, exercise tolerance and quality of life. Jen also holds a university teaching position in Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy and has published peer-reviewed papers on respiratory physiotherapy for people with bronchiectasis. Jen will complete a detailed assessment of your current condition, and then develop an individualised treatment plan suited to your needs.


Brisbane Respiratory Physiotherapy assessment

Jen will welcome you to the clinic, take notes and complete a detailed interview regarding your medical history, medications, and current symptoms.

Please bring any recent investigations and reports with you, including but not limited to chest x-rays, CT scans or lung function tests.

A physical assessment will also be completed which may include listening to your chest using a stethoscope, assessing your breathing pattern and cough, and exercise ability.

Treatment may include

Brisbane Respiratory Physiotherapy treatment

  • Airway clearance techniques
    • The use of breathing techniques, hands on techniques and/or devices designed to aid clearing phlegm from your lungs.
  • Education and advice regarding management of breathlessness
    • Learn how to recover faster when feeling breathless, and be able to manage your daily tasks with more ease.
  • Exercise training
    • An individualised, goal focussed training program, monitored to safely increase your exercise ability.
  • Breathing exercises and breathing retraining
    • Retraining how you breathe to be more efficient and comfortable.
  • Modified pulmonary rehabilitation
    • Education and home exercise prescription.

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