Men's Health

Physiotherapy can assist with the following Men’s Health conditions:

  • Incontinence (urinary and faecal)
  • Difficult defecation, incomplete emptying, constipation
  • Prostate surgery: rehabilitation before and after surgery
  • Bowel dysfunction after colorectal or gastrointestinal surgery
  • Bowel urgency
  • Bladder urgency
  • Pelvic floor pain

Our Physiotherapists Marita Cort and Margie Carroll have undergone specialised training to assess and treat Men’s Health conditions.

Physiotherapy treatment may include

  • Pelvic floor muscle exercises and rehabilitation
  • Toileting positions and dynamics
  • Bowel diary review, recommendations for good bowel habits
  • Bladder diary review, bladder retraining strategies
  • Advice and education for before/after surgery
  • Electrotherapy (e.g. TENS)


We will welcome you to the clinic and discuss your condition, concerns, and general health. Please bring any relevant investigations such as hospital discharge summaries, bladder/bowel diaries, ultrasound scans, etc. These will be reviewed by the physiotherapist. You may be given a bladder and/or bowel diary to complete for further analysis by the physiotherapist. The physiotherapist may use the ultrasound machine to check your pelvic floor muscles (the scanner is placed on the lower abdomen). At times it may be recommended to do an internal pelvic floor exam, however if you do not wish to have this examination performed that is ok, just let us know.

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If you have a Men's Health issue, please request Margie or Marita for your consultation. Often only one or two visits are required to make a big difference.

You do not need a referral to see our Men's Health physiotherapists.

We will liaise with your doctor (GP or urologist) when necessary.

Make a Men’s Health appointment with Marita or Margie

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