Running Injuries

Running Injuries

Running is a popular sport in Australia with nearly 5 million Australians running regularly. Coming into the cooler months many are increasing training for particular events or perhaps just choosing to starting out. Health and fitness guidelines encourage the many benefits of running, however we know that around 80% of runners will experience an injury in any one year period.

Many runners manage to continue to train whilst injured, however injuries reduce both performance and enjoyment. Some of the most common running injuries include: knee pain, lateral hip pain, shin pain and foot pain.

What causes running injuries?

Triggers for running injuries can include sudden increases in training load and biomechanical faults. For example a lack of strength, flexibility or coordination in a specific muscle group may lead to an altered gait during running and eventual tissue strain/irritation. Inappropriate footwear can be also be problematic.

How Physiotherapy can help?

Physiotherapy can help by providing a thorough assessment of your injury. This will including an assessment of the injured muscle/joint or tissue, as well as observing how you move and run and discussing changes in your training load. Based on the assessment we can help to design an optimal treatment and rehabilitation program to maximise your performance and training and get you back as quickly as possible to the enjoyment of running!

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